Friday, January 27, 2012

Glazed Over Looks

I have always wanted to do a Blog but always told myself I didn't have the time. As my friends around me with multiple children, husbands and jobs continue to keep up with their blogs and even start new ones, I have decided enough with the excuses. My friend at work (Cara) suggested I start a blog about being a woman trying to get into the IT field and I thought it was a great idea!

Since I have started going to school for a degree in Computer Information Technology I have noticed the definite lack of lipstick around me...meaning no women! Don't get me wrong, I do get the occasional girl in one of my classes but she is usually tomboyish and more introverted than I am. I have learned to expect this introverted behavior from the men in my classes. I was starting to wonder if being an extrovert should disqualify me from being in the field. The only thing that gives me hope is another friend of mine (John) one of the most extroverted IT people I know.

I chose the words "glazed over looks" as my blog address because it's the only kind of looks I get when I start in on what my friends call "Geek Speak." I get so excited about all the new things I learn in my classes about the IT world and programming that I just want to tell them all about it. It always starts well meaning...I think I am really breaking it down into the easy terms my teacher taught it to me in but then before you know it only a few minutes in...there it goes...the glazed over look in the eye that says I am just nodding and listening but I have no idea what your saying. That is okay though because it's the fact that they are pretending to follow along that makes them the best friends!

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