Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh yea?..Well stick that in your port and RAM it!

I love a play on words! I just got done reading a chapter in my Technology in Action book (acronym TNA, say it out loud, if you get why I love that then I love you) and it was full of definitions. I mean to the point of ridiculous. Every other word was in bold for geeze sake. Anyway, all those words flying around got my wheels turning and before you knew it things like "stick that in your port and RAM it!" were replacing "stick that in your pipe and smoke it!" (Shout out to my best friend Kimberly for all the times we over used that phrase. Ha!)

I am having a lot of fun with this computer stuff so far, computer stuff by the way is a very technical term. I have been able to relate everything to food, Golden Girls or a fun play on words. The book can be kind of boring with the programming examples they give. It's always how to build a chair...think about what options you need to give the user. Like what do they want their chair made of, color, size, rocker or no rocker etc...blah one ear and out the other.

In the fake book in my head the programming example is: If you were a Golden Girl (or Real Housewives fill in the blank) which one would you be? Think about what options you need to give the user. Like a list of characters they can be, awesome Florida retirement furniture to pick from etc.

On a side note I got a 100 on my quiz for all that reading! YAY.

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  1. LOL! TNA. You slay me. I KNOW RIGHT?! We are so cool. Who needs board games when you have BORED GAMES! You lay across from me and throw cards to see how many points you can get. lmao. Your technical terms are very hoity toity. I'm so excited for you!

    CONGRATS ON YOUR QUIZ!! *shake*shake*